Botox® Injection Treatments


Botox® Injection Treatments Reduce Unwanted Wrinkles And Rejuvenate Your Facial Features…

Are the visible signs of aging around your eyes, forehead, and mouth causing you to look older than you actually feel? There is a solution. You can relax facial lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenate your appearance with Botox® injection treatments.

Learn why Dr. Laliberte and our Nurse Injector Annalisa highly recommend Botox® injections at our Canmore clinic.

Aging is a natural process affecting both men and women, but the signs of aging don’t have to be. Learn how we can help you reverse the appearance of aging and restore youthful vitality with facial injectables in Canmore at Radiance Plastic Surgery.

When considering having Botox® injection treatments, it is important to consider the skill of the injector performing the service to ensure optimal results. Our nurse injector, Annalisa has completed advanced training in botox and filler injections and performs these treatments in collaboration with Dr. Laliberte.

By keeping up to date on current injecting techniques and procedures, you can trust Annalisa and Dr. Laliberte to ensure you receive a high standard of care and natural-looking radiant results.


Botox® Injection Treatment Benefits


BOTOX injections can treat a variety of wrinkles and imperfections from Crows Feet, Forehead Lines, Frown Lines to Mouth Wrinkles.


By far the number one use for BOTOX injections is to treat facial fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also used for a variety of other medical purposes. You can use Botox to relax the muscles in the face to reduce moderate to deep wrinkles, and you can use it to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming.


Fortunately, you don’t have to endure a lengthy recovery period when you use BOTOX. This injectable product is minimally invasive, and you won’t need to receive general anesthesia or incisions during your treatment. Once your treatment is complete, you can immediately return to your workplace or regular schedule.


BOTOX is one of the most well-studied injectable products in existence today. This treatment has become the gold standard for wrinkle reduction because it really works. In fact, there are many scientific studies that demonstrate Botox’s ability to decrease the prominence of wrinkles.

Before & After Gallery


  • 32 x units of Botox® in the forehead and crown
  • 1 x Juvéderm® Volift® in the lips


  • 2 x Units Juvéderm® VOLIFT®⁠
  • 6 x Units Botox® Cosmetic⁠

Botox® Injection Treatments

Nurse Injector Annalisa

If you’ve been to our clinic for a surgical consultation, you may have already met. Annalisa was born and raised in Saskatchewan. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2008 at the University of Saskatchewan.

Annalisa began her nursing career as a home care nurse before going on to do additional training as an enterostomal therapy nurse in 2013. She worked in a fulfilling role as a wound and ostomy specialist until 2019 when she relocated to Canmore, AB.

Annalisa joined our team at Radiance Plastic Surgery shortly thereafter. Her love for learning led her to complete a comprehensive, accredited medical aesthetics course with hands-on mentorship in the administration of neurotoxin injections and hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

Annalisa is pleased to work collaboratively alongside Dr. Laliberte to continue to perfect the art and science of cosmetic injectable treatments. She strives to meet the unique needs of each patient with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Botox® Injection Treatments at Radiance Plastic Surgery

Wrinkles are one of the first and most obvious signs of aging and, unfortunately, they occur naturally as we grow older. Botox® Cosmetic was designed to relax the facial muscles underneath the skin to create a smooth and refreshed appearance.

Botox® injections are able to help reduce wrinkles by stopping the process that leads to their creation, giving your skin the chance it needs to soften and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

In 2020, there was an impressive 1.5 million Botox injection treatments performed in North America alone! This goes to show how popular the Botox® Cosmetic procedure is, due to its effectiveness and safe track record.

At Radiance Plastic Surgery, we inject hundreds of satisfied Botox® patients every year. Experience means you can trust our nurse injector experts for natural-looking results that you will love.

Your Botox® injection treatment will be performed in a beautiful state-of-the-art facility, designed with your utmost comfort, experience and safety in mind. Our experienced injectors are constantly training and learning new breakthrough techniques to ensure that your treatment is performed accurately to achieve your desired Botox® results.

What Are Botox® Injections?

Botox® injections are noted primarily for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. They’re also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), an overactive bladder and lazy eye. BOTOX injections may also help prevent chronic migraines.

Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin – commercially known as BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeuveau – that are used to treat wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet.

How Do Botox Injections Work?

A neuromodulator treatment utilizes tiny needles to relax targeted muscles around the treatment area; transmissions of motor signals from the nerves are temporarily stopped. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by repeated muscle contraction. In the absence of signals from the nerves, the muscles aren’t able to contract, leading to a softening of the wrinkles.

Neuromodulator treatments are used to treat frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) as well as other dynamic facial wrinkles (crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles) caused by repeated muscle contractions.

BOTOX® COSMETIC is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

Botox® Injection Treatments – What To Expect

Botox® Cosmetic is able to provide a wide range of fantastic treatment options that all work to make patients look great and, more importantly, feel more confident in their own skin.

This treatment has a growing number of uses, Botox injections can ease muscle spasms (for example, spastic responses from cerebral palsy), flatten wrinkles and modifying your jawline! There are currently over 20 different medical conditions that Botox is being used to treat, with more being discovered regularly.

These are the issues our talented Botox injectors have been extensively trained to treat at Radiance Plastic Surgery:


  • Botox® injections for Crows Feet
  • Botox® injections for 11 Lines (vertical wrinkles between the brows)
  • Botox® injections for Forehead Lines
  • Botox® injections for glabellar lines.
  • Botox® injections for Brow Lift
  • Botox® injections for Bunny Lines (wrinkles on the upper sides of the nose)
  • Botox® injections for Smokers Lines (wrinkles on the lips)
  • Botox® injections for Downturned Lips
  • Botox® injections for Gummy Smile
  • Botox® injections for DAOs (targets the depressor anguli oris muscle to gently lift the corners of the mouth)


  • Neck Bands (platysmal bands)
  • Masseters
  • TMJ
  • Hyperhidrosis

Prior to your Botox® injectable treatment, our trained injectors will discuss your treatment goals and perform a full facial analysis to determine and establish which areas need to be treated. Patients who have received neuromodulator treatments indicate that the injections can feel like a small pinch.

Following Botox® injection treatment, patients experience little more than pinpoint redness around treatment sites. Results take effect, subtly and gradually, between 3 and 14 days of treatment. When expertly provided, neuromodulator treatments help you look younger and soften lines that might make you look tired, angry or stressed. It’s an easy way to get that well-rested, energized glow so how you look on the outside matches how you feel on the inside.

Botox® injections are Health Canada approved and have helped millions of people around the world gain the youthful look they wanted. Additionally, it is commonly used to treat other facial wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, caused by repeated muscle contractions over time. These are referred to as dynamic wrinkles.

When expertly performed, Botox® injections help you look youthful radiant and soften lines that might make you look tired, angry or stressed. Botox® injections are an easy, painless and fast avenue to get that well-rested, energized glow so you can look on the outside, how you feel on the inside.

Botox® Injections Benefits

Add Volume to Your Face
If you want to add volume to your face, fillers are a perfect choice. The best areas to target are under the eyes, thinned cheeks, and lips. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance, so it is ideal for anyone who suffers from severe allergy problems.

You’ll See Immediate Results
One way your skin benefits from Botox or fillers is the immediacy of the results. It only takes one session for you to notice the difference. However, the best results are achieved over time through the implementation of a treatment plan.

The Effects Are Long-Lasting
When you use a product like Botox or a similar brand, you aren’t working on the lines that are already visible but reducing the chances of developing new ones. In most cases, patients will start a treatment plan and then eventually taper off the number of injections they need.

Eliminate the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Botox is for those who are experiencing wrinkles in places where they hold a lot of tension; think frown lines, furrowed brows, etc. By freezing the muscles in these areas, you prevent deeper lines from forming.

Botox® Injections – Cost

The cost of a Botox® injection treatment varies and will depend on the optimal dosage, approach, and technique for the treatment area for each and every patient.

Here at Radiance Plastic Surgery, Botox® injections are priced at $10/unit. If you receive up to 20 units in your forehead, you could be looking at a total of about $200 to $300 for treatment of horizontal forehead lines. The typical cost of Botox in Calgary, Edmonton and Canmore varies anywhere from $125 to $900

There are a few additional factors affecting your Botox® injections –

1. The Strength of Your Muscles

Stronger muscles will require more product for maximum effectiveness.

2. Injection Placement

An understanding of proper placement is key to minimizing the cost of your injections. Improper placement may not only give you undesirable results but also increase the cost.

3. Treatment Time

It takes experience to understand the right injection amount for a particular situation.

More information on Fees and Financing Options

Botox® Injections – How Long Does It Last?

Well, don’t we wish our Botox® Injections lasted forever? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Eventually, the action of the neurotoxin will wear off and the nerves will again be able to send those signals to the muscles to start working or contracting.

In general, Botox® lasts 2-6 months, depending on the amount that has been injected and a variety of external factors. Some patients can experience results in which in lasts longer, in that 4-6 month range, or shorter, in that 2-month range. It is also common for first-timers to notice that it may not last as long initially but typically lasts longer after the second treatment. Each patient has a unique experience and results may vary.

At the end of this period, the Botox® is completely eliminated from your body. If you wish to continue to reduce wrinkles or solve sweating problems, you will need to request further Botox® injections.

Botox® Injections Frequently Asked Questions

Are Botox® Cosmetic Injections Safe?

Botox® has been used safely and successfully for decades. It is fast, effective, and the side effects are usually barely noticeable and gone within a few days. Despite the long term Botox® effects, it is a safe way to minimize signs of aging and enhance features.

What Is The Difference Between Botox® and Fillers?

People easily get these two types of injectables confused all the time, but here’s an easy way to distinguish between the two: Botox® is for limiting muscle movement, fillers are for building volume.

Botox® reduces the activity of muscles in the face that cause wrinkles. Facial fillers, however, fill the trouble areas with a gel made up of hyaluronic acid, which helps to plump and lift the skin to replace volume loss.

What Areas Can Botox® Injections Treat?

Cosmetic Botox® is FDA approved for use on

  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Horizontal lines on the forehead
  • Wrinkles between the eyebrows
Do Botox® Injections Hurt?

Any injection can hurt, but the needles used for Botox® injections are very small, so pain is usually minimal.

How Much Botox® Will I Need?

The amount of Botox® you’ll need depends entirely on a few contributing factors. These include:

  • The type of wrinkles you’d like to treat
  • Your unique aesthetic goals
  • The degree of muscle movement in your face
  • The number of times you’ve had Botox® in the past
  • Your health history
Does Botox® Have Any Side-Effects

Common short-term side effects of any injectable may include:

  • Muscle weakness near the injection sites
  • Slight bruising
  • Bleeding
  • Redness
  • Swelling

Meet Dr. Michael C. Laliberte


Canadian Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Laliberte, Radiance Plastic Surgery’s Royal College-certified plastic surgeon has quickly established himself among the finest Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery specialists throughout western Canada.

With extensive training and years of specialized experience, Dr. Laliberte has built an outstanding team of healthcare professionals and clinical staff to ensure an exceptional in-patient experience and seamless delivery of service and post-operative care.

Having operated alongside word-class surgeons throughout North and South America, Dr. Laliberte brings to the Canadian Rockies a practice that encompasses the breadth of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Michael Laliberte has extensively trained in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive surgery. After completing undergraduate and medical school at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Laliberte specialized in Plastic Surgery at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Laliberte and the team at Radiance Plastic Surgery are best known in Alberta, and throughout Canada for exceptional surgical outcomes and compassionate care. Our goal is simple: to support you in achieving your cosmetic goals and restoring your confidence.

A Cosmetic Experience Designed To Help You Rejuvenate Your Confidence

The secret is out. We’ve built a state-of-the-art clinic and private surgical centre servicing patients from Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Edmonton, Red Deer, Airdrie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and across Canada.

You’ll find us in the Canmore Crossing Complex. We are excited to welcome you to our new clinic and private surgical centre.

“Location shouldn’t limit your choices when it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon for your needs”

Our Canadian Rockies plastic surgery practice has quickly established a strong reputation as one of the leading cosmetic and reconstructive surgery centres throughout Alberta, and Canada.

We encourage women and men considering plastic surgery to view our gallery of before-and-after photos and read patient-written reviews, so they can rest assured they will be in good hands at our practice.

  • I recently had surgery with Dr. Laliberte. Both him and his staff did a wonderful job and I am extremely happy with my results. He made me feel very comfortable throughout my visits and took the time to answer all my questions. He is a doctor I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of seeing him.

    G.F. Facebook Review
  • “Recently had surgery. My experience with Dr. Michael Laliberte was fantastic! Amazingly skilled, friendly medical professional and a great guy! Thank you!”

    Anonymous Rate MD's
  • I had my hand reattached above the wrist after an industrial accident and have never met such a dedicated and friendlier individual. He must work 20 hours a day. Sask will miss his talents.

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  • I trusted Dr. Laliberte from the moment I met him. He reassured me that he would make my broken and rotated finger perfect again, and he absolutely did! As someone who is incredibly hesitant and uncomfortable in hospitals, Dr. Laliberte and his team showed me a smooth and comfortable experience. I was so impressed by him and his detailed and kind approach. He is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about his work. I highly recommend him!

  • Dr. Laliberte was amazing! He fixed my finger. He was very realistic & down to earth. He made me feel comfortable. He answered all my questions. 5 stars all the way !!

  • Dr. Laliberte performed a breast reduction on me and I’m so thrilled with the results. He was fantastic in every way. He made my breasts significantly smaller and gave them a beautiful shape and lift. I would highly recommend Dr. Laliberte!

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  • I just got a breast reduction 4 days ago and I am already so happy with the results. Dr. Laliberte was so helpful and so kind to myself and my mom during this transformation. He sat down and explained exactly what he was doing and what to expect after. He's answered all my questions I have had so far. I would recommend him to anyone! He is an amazing man and an even better surgeon!

  • Dr. Laliberte did a breast reduction for me, and I am very pleased with the result. Very compassionate, great bedside manner, and great staff. I felt very relaxed and comfortable talking to him, and felt like he cared. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and would recommend anyone to him!

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  • I really cannot say enough great things about this Doctor. Dr. Laliberte did a breast reduction surgery for me and I am beyond satisfied with not only the end result but the entire process. Dr. Laliberte is very easy to talk to....very down to earth....he is happy to answer all questions and he never makes you feel like you are wasting his time. His "bedside manner" is beyond excellent and his surgical skills are outstanding!

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  • Dr. Laliberte did an amazing job of my augmentation. Very polite and knowledgeable. Took extra care in detail and made sure I was happy with the outcome. The team of nurses were also very kind and polite and made sure I was comfortable and understood what was going to happen and what I would feel. Highly recommended Dr. Laliberte.

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