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Arm Lift | Brachioplasty


Improve the contours and overall appearance of your upper arms...

Sagging skin on the upper arms is a common effect of aging. If you desire firmer, younger-looking arms, you may be a good candidate for an arm lift at our Canmore cosmetic surgery practice. An arm lift can tighten and smooth loose skin. And when combined with liposuction, the surgery can reduce excess pockets of fat.

Due to Dr. Laliberte’s expertise in body contouring, he routinely performs surgical body procedures, including arm lift (Brachioplasty). 

Depending on a patient’s goals, multiple surgical body procedures can be combined or performed in succession, where appropriate such as in major weight loss cases (body lift, arm lift, SAFE liposuction) or post-pregnancy mommy makeovers (abdominoplasty with SAFE liposuction plus breast procedure). Visit us for a private consultation to increase your self-confidence and sculpt your desired shape.

An arm lift, or Brachioplasty, reshapes the upper arm to tighten loose skin and remove fat that often creates a sagging appearance under the arm. Removing the excess skin caused by weight loss or natural aging can improve the appearance of the underarm area to the elbow.

The Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore and Banff helps many women refine body contours to achieve a proportional, fit appearance and a more confident, youthful self-image.

Arm Lift | Brachioplasty at radiance plastic surgery

Arm Lift | Brachioplasty Benefits

Remove Excess Fat and Skin

Many people have a large amount of excess fat and skin between their elbow and armpit. This is a particularly troublesome area because it’s visible, which is why it’s very easy for people to be self-conscious about the issue. Since arm lift surgery is used to remove this excess fat and skin, it can restore the beautiful appearance of the area between the elbow and armpit.

Better Tone and Shape

One of the greatest benefits of undergoing the arm lift procedure is that it improves the tone and shape of the supportive tissues. Since these tissues are underneath the skin, plastic surgery is the only way to change the tone and shape.

Smoother Contours and Skin

Another benefit of the arm lift procedure is that it reshapes the upper arm. In addition to this, it also results in smoother contours and skin. It would be hard to find a woman who doesn’t long for smooth skin. The arm lift procedure actually alters the shape of the upper arm, and makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Better Proportions

A major benefit of choosing to undergo the arm lift surgery is better proportions. Once the surgery is finished, patients can expect an upper arm that is proportionate with the rest of their body.

Arm Lift | Brachioplasty At Radiance Plastic Surgery

An arm lift, or Brachioplasty, reshapes the upper arm to tighten loose skin and remove fat that often creates a sagging appearance under the arm. Removing the excess skin caused by weight loss or natural aging can improve the appearance of the underarm area to the elbow.

In short, an arm lift is a surgical procedure that:

  • Reduces excess sagging skin that droops downward
  • Tightens and smoothes the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm
  • Reduces localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region


This procedure benefits those that have loose, hanging underarm skin that resembles bat wings and does not improve with exercise.


As you get older, the skin on your upper arms changes, sags, and becomes loose. Significant weight loss also can cause the undersides of your upper arms to droop. While exercise can assist in strengthening and improve muscle tone in the upper arm, it can’t address excess skin that has lost elasticity. You may choose to have an arm lift if the undersides of your upper arms are sagging. An arm lift might also boost your body image.


How much does an Arm Lift cost?

Each of our patient’s cases is unique, however, the average cost of an Arm Lift  can range from $8,500 – $10,000

More information on Fees and Financing Options


Am I a good candidate?

In general, good candidates include:

  • Adults with significant upper arm skin laxity
  • Adults of any age whose weight is relatively stable and who are not significantly overweight
  • Healthy individuals without medical conditions that impair healing or increase risk of surgery
  • Nonsmokers
  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations

Arm Lift | Brachioplasty Consultation

What can I expect during a consultation?

During your consultation be prepared to discuss:

  • Your surgical goals
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drug use
  • Previous surgeries

Dr. Laliberte will also:

  • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  • Take photographs
  • Discuss your options
  • Discuss likely outcomes of arm lift surgery and any risks or potential complications

Arm Lift | Brachioplasty Procedure

In preparing for surgery, you may be asked to:

  • Get lab testing or a medical evaluation
  • Take certain medications or adjust your current medications
  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements as they can increase bleeding


What are the steps of an arm lift procedure?

The procedure includes the following steps:


Step 1 – Anesthesia

Medications are administered for your comfort during arm lift surgery. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Dr. Laliberte will recommend the best choice for you.


Step 2 – The incision

Incision length and pattern during arm lift surgery depend on the amount and location of excess skin to be removed, as well as the best judgment of Dr. Laliberte.

Incisions are generally placed on the inside of the arm, or on the back of the arm, depending on the situation, and may extend from the underarm (axilla) to just above the elbow. Excess fat may be directly excised or treated with liposuction.


Depending on your specific condition, incisions may be more limited. Then, underlying supportive tissue is tightened and reshaped with internal sutures. Finally, the skin is smoothed over the new contour of your arm.


Step 3 – Closing the incisions

Your incisions will be closed either with absorbable sutures or stitches that will be removed within one to two weeks following your arm lift.

Arm Lift | Brachioplasty Results and Recovery

The smoother, tighter contours that result from arm lift surgery are apparent almost immediately following your procedure. Initial results will be obscured by swelling and bruising, and a scar will remain where the incision was made.



Most individuals take 4 weeks off from work to allow for recovery. If you do office work, you may be able to return as early as 2 weeks. Let your discomfort be your guide. You can resume normal activities by the end of 2 weeks. It will take 4 weeks to get back to significant aerobic or physical activity.

Arm Lift | Brachioplasty Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, loose skin under the arms is very common, which can be easily treated with the help of arm lift surgery.
Yes, an arm lift is major surgery and is typically performed under general anaesthesia.
Arm lift is not a weight loss procedure. Although you will not lose any significant weight after an arm lift surgery, given the fact that you have some weight removed, it is expected to have that weight stable 6 weeks after surgery, once the swelling and bruising get more stable. Typically, one loses 600-1800 g with this operation.
As with any surgery, an arm lift will leave some amount of scarring. The size of the incision will depend upon the amount of skin laxity you have, however, Dr. Laliberte takes care to make the incision as subtle as possible. With proper scar management, the incision can fade nicely over time. Many people find that the benefits of having attractive, re-contoured arms far outweigh the scar, which can often be concealed by clothing.

Meet Dr. Michael C. Laliberte  MD, FRCSC Canadian Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Laliberte, Radiance Plastic Surgery’s Royal College-certified plastic surgeon has quickly established himself among the finest Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery specialists throughout western Canada. 

With extensive training and years of specialized experience, Dr. Laliberte has built an outstanding team of healthcare professionals and clinical staff to ensure an exceptional in-patient experience and seamless delivery of service and post-operative care.

Having operated alongside word-class surgeons throughout North and South America, Dr. Laliberte brings to the Canadian Rockies a practice that encompasses the breadth of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Michael Laliberte has extensively trained in Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive surgery. After completing undergraduate and medical school at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Laliberte specialized in Plastic Surgery at the University of Manitoba. 

Dr. Laliberte and the team at Radiance Plastic Surgery are best known in Alberta, and throughout Canada for exceptional surgical outcomes and compassionate care. Our goal is simple: to support you in achieving your cosmetic goals and restoring your confidence

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