Fees & Financing

We are dedicated to providing every patient with the most appropriate surgical or non-surgical solutions coupled with simple, transparent fees and financing options.

Fees & Financing


The consultation fee for cosmetic patients is $125 plus GST ($131.25) and is non-refundable. This entire fee will be applied towards future surgery. This fee is in addition to the cost of all injectables.


Following consultation, a customized surgical quote will be provided that accounts for the following types of expenses:

  • Surgeon fee
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Operating room and nursing fees
  • Special equipment and surgical implants, compression garment, etc. if required
  • Applicable taxes

Surgical quotes are valid for 6 months from the date printed on the estimate.

Payment Types

Acceptable forms of payment include all major credit and debit cards, etransfers and bank drafts. We do not accept cash, cheque, or other forms of payment.


For patients interested in financing options, we are pleased to partner with Credit Medical, Paybright & Medicard. Medicard offers competitive interest rates and payment plans ranging from as short as 6 months to up to 6 years. A finance application may be completed in-office or online.


Cancellation Policy

Fees are due 4 weeks in advance of surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Payment in full is due 4 weeks in advance of surgery. If you wish to cancel surgery prior to 4 weeks in advance (and have not at that time paid in full), you will forfeit the deposit paid. Once you’ve paid in full, your surgery is confirmed and can no longer be rescheduled. Any change will be deemed a cancellation subject to the terms outlined below.

If you cancel your surgery within:

  • 4 weeks or more, 75% will be refunded.
  • 3 weeks, 50% will be refunded.
  • 2 weeks, 25% will be refunded.
  • 1 week or less, no fees will be refunded.

Should you wish to reschedule your surgery within the same calendar year, you may do so once upon paying a $500 processing fee.

The only exception to this policy is for the documented loss of a loved one or with a note from another physician for health-related cancellation purposes.

***Please be advised that refunds will only be made at the request of the patient and will be paid to the patient, or as directed by the patient.***

Reconstructive Surgery

Due to long waitlists of patients requiring reconstructive procedures, your surgery cannot be rescheduled. If you cannot attend on your confirmed surgery date, your surgery will be cancelled and your referral sent back to your family doctor asking that you be referred elsewhere.

The only exception to this policy is for the documented loss of a loved one or with a note from another physician for health-related cancellation purposes.

A Guide to Dr. Laliberte’s Procedures and Pricing

The prices listed below serve only as a guide to the average estimated costs for the listed procedures. Each patient is unique and requires a consultation in-person with Dr. Laliberte to determine the complexity of their case and the required time he will need to complete the procedure. The ranges below are for information only. Exact fee quotes will be provided only after you have been seen by Dr. Laliberte in consultation and fees may vary based on your individual circumstances.

Surgical Procedures – Usual Costs

(plus GST)


Upper Eyelid Lift (blepharoplasty): $2500 – $4200
Facelift/Neck Lift: $12500 – $14500
Fat Transfer/Grafting (to face): $4000 – $5500
Ear Pinning (otoplasty): $7500 – $8500


Breast Augmentation: $8500 – $9800
Breast Lift (mastopexy): $8500 – $9800
Breast Augmentation with Lift: $13500 – $15000
Breast Implant Removal or Breast Implant Revision $5500 and up*
*Dependent on if contouring to the breast shape is required due to the loss of volume from the implant, such as a breast lift.
Breast Reduction (cosmetic): $7500 – $9500
SAFE Lipo-Sculpting (with covered reduction): $2500 – $4200
Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Surgery): $5000 – $6500
Nipple Reduction/Repositioning: $2200 – $3500


Mommy Makeover: Pricing Available upon Consultation
Tummy Tuck with Lipo-Sculpting (abdominoplasty): $9000 – $11500
Full Lipo-Tummy Tuck (full lipo-abdominoplasty): $12000 – $14500
SAFE Lipo-Sculpting (per area): $3500 – $5200
Circumferential Body Lift: $14000 – $17000
Thigh Lift: $9000 – $11500
Upper Arm Lift (brachioplasty): $8500 – $10000
Labiaplasty | Vaginal Rejuvenation: $5000 – $6500
Hand Rejuvenation (fat grafting/transfer): $3500 – $4500
Mole Removal/Scar Revision: $500 – $1500 and up
  • “Recently had surgery. My experience with Dr. Michael Laliberte was fantastic! Amazingly skilled, friendly medical professional and a great guy! Thank you!”

    Anonymous Rate MD's
  • I had my hand reattached above the wrist after an industrial accident and have never met such a dedicated and friendlier individual. He must work 20 hours a day. Sask will miss his talents.

    Rate MDs
  • Dr. Laliberte was amazing! He fixed my finger. He was very realistic & down to earth. He made me feel comfortable. He answered all my questions. 5 stars all the way !!

  • Recent breast lift in January 2016. Found Dr. Laliberte to be professional and very approachable. answered all my questions, and properly discussed procedure risks. highly recommend.

  • Dr. Laliberte performed a breast reduction on me and I’m so thrilled with the results. He was fantastic in every way. He made my breasts significantly smaller and gave them a beautiful shape and lift. I would highly recommend Dr. Laliberte!

    Rate MDs
  • He made me feel important and cared about no matter my age. He did an amazing reconstruction from a very difficult structure.

    L.H. Facebook
  • Very punctual and surgery to excise cancerous growth was masterfully done. Ultra-prompt turnaround may have saved my life.

    Rate MDs
  • I highly recommend Dr. Laliberte… I found him to be a very professional, honest, skilled, meticulous and compassionate surgeon.

    C.L. Facebook
  • Dr. Laliberte was very impressive. He comes across as a genius. He is also a straight shooter, so if you can’t handle someone telling you the truth, maybe keep looking.

    Rate MDs
  • Recently had surgery. My experience with Dr. Michael Laliberte was fantastic! Amazingly skilled, friendly medical professional and a great guy! Thank you!

    Rate MDs

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