The most common types of tummy tucks are:

Fleur de Lys Abdominoplasty (Traditional Abdominoplasty)

Fleur de Lys Abdominoplasty (FDL) refers to the traditional tummy tuck in which excess skin is removed and tucked vertically across the lower abdominal area.

Full Body Lift or Circumferential Abdominoplasty

Circumferential abdominoplasty is an extended abdominoplasty plus a buttock lift. The resulting scar runs all the way around the body, and the operation is also called a Belt Lipectomy or lower body lift. This operation is most appropriate for patients who have undergone significant weight loss.

Extended Abdominoplasty

An extended abdominoplasty is a complete abdominoplasty plus a lateral thigh lift. The resulting scar runs from the posterior axillary line (when placing your open hands on your hips, the thumbs lie along the posterior axillary line.) The operation does all of the abdominal contouring of a complete abdominoplasty and allows further improvement of the flank (waist), as well as smoothing the contour of the upper lateral thigh.

Mini Abdominoplasty

A mini tummy tuck is generally skin only.

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