Is Plastic Surgery Worth It?


Determining whether plastic surgery is worth it varies depending on the individual, but there are resources that enable customers to provide honest feedback, which can help you gain insight into how plastic surgery patients rate their procedures. Additionally, evaluating the pros and cons of plastic surgery can help in determining whether it is a suitable option for you. While we will attempt to answer the question of whether plastic surgery is worth it in this article and the optimal approach to schedule a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon in your area.

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Use Real Patient Testimonials

RealSelf is a comprehensive and informative website that offers a variety of information about various cosmetic surgery treatments and plastic surgeons. On this website, individuals have the opportunity to review the procedures they have undergone and rate them based on their perceived value or worth in their opinion. RealSelf released its “most worth it” post for 2022 which uses real customer data, and the following are some interesting statistics provided by its members:

As you look deeper into the reviews, you’ll notice that individuals who are content with their results are those who found plastic surgeons that paid meticulous attention to detail, listened attentively to their patients, and helped them feel at ease and comfortable. You can see Dr. Michael Laliberte’s outstanding patient reviews on RealSelf as well as on Google.

Some Advantages of Plastic Surgery

Each procedure has its own specific pros and cons. We will go over a few of the most popular treatments at Radiance Plastic Surgery in Canmore, Alberta to give you a better idea about some of the potential benefits. This is not an exhaustive list of treatments, please visit the surgical procedures page to get more information on a specific surgery.

Breast Augmentation Benefits

  • Breast augmentation can make your breasts appear larger, perkier, and more youthful, ultimately enhancing your self-esteem.
  • Results can last over 10 years.
  • Breast implants can be tailored to your individual needs and preferences, allowing you to choose the size and shape that complements your body type and lifestyle.

Tummy Tuck Benefits

  • Getting a tummy tuck reduce or remove stretch marks from post-pregnancy C-section or other lower abdominal scars, making this a staple in the mommy makeover surgery.
  • A tummy tuck procedure can help trim your waistline and create a smoother, firmer, and well-contoured abdominal profile.
  • Results are long-lasting

Gynecomastia Surgery Benefits

  • Gynecomastia surgery can help men achieve a more defined chest by removing unwanted breast tissue and improving chest contours.
  • Results from this procedure are long-lasting.
  • Patients may experience increases self-esteem and confidence as a result of this procedure.

Some Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

There will always be some risk associated with surgery, and each procedure carries its own unique set of risk factors. Let’s look at some of the common risks for these treatments.

Cons of Breast Augmentation

  • Breast implants aren’t designed to last a lifetime. Over time, it’s possible that you may need to have them replaced.
  • Your results may be impacted by factors such as pregnancy, menopause, and weight loss or gain following the surgery.

Cons of Tummy Tuck Surgery

  • It can be an expensive surgery. Though there are financing options available at clinics such as Radiance Plastic Surgery.
  • This is a significant surgical procedure that can requires a lengthy recovery period.

Cons of Gynecomastia Surgery

  • Tissue can grow back due to hormonal changes and fat can redeposit if weight is not maintained.
  • Chest scars may not heal symmetrically.

Final Thoughts

Despite the potential risks involved, plastic surgery can have positive outcomes both mentally and physically. For many patients, successful plastic surgery leads to an increase in self-esteem and confidence. It can correct a perceived “problem,” make you less self-conscious, and relieve social anxiety. Additionally, plastic surgery may improve your quality of life.

Before making a decision, individuals must weigh the risks and rewards of plastic surgery carefully. Doing your homework, becoming an informed patient, choosing a reputable surgeon, and following pre and post-operative instructions can lower the risk of complications. While the potential rewards of plastic surgery are highly individual, it’s essential to take into account all the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

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